AKITU in Assyria Fundraiser


At Assyrians For Justice, we are proud to share some outside programs that are very relevant and important to our national struggle.

Ashur TV in Diaspora presents a special fundraising program for the Assyrian-Babylonian 6759/2009 New Year “AKITU” parade that partook in the land of our ancestors, Bet-Nahrain/N. Iraq.  Features Assyrian Superstars Ashur Bet-Sargis and Emmanuel Betyounan.  May God bless them and our peoples’ patriotic stance and their resilience in an indepedent and progressive nation on our ancestral lands.

03/08/09 Ashur TV “AKITU” Fundraising Special Part 1

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03/08/09 Ashur TV “AKITU” Fundraising Special Part 2

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