1/31/2010 AFJ TV Show

1/31/2010 Martyrdom of Youbert, Yousip, & Youkhana and Rabi Younadam Kanna


1- 25th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Youbert, Yousip, and Youkhana.

2- Iraqi Parliamentarian – Assyrian Democratic Movement Secretary-General – Al-Rafidain 389 List Leader Rabi Younadam Kanna’s upcoming visit to the United States as well as highlights from Sweden’s Q & A with Rabi Kanna.


1/31/2010 Inteview with Nineveh, Iraq Governor Atheel Al Nujaifi

3- AFJ Interview with Nineveh, Iraq Governor Honorable Atheel Al-Nujaifi

1/03/2010 AFJ TV Show

1/03/2010 Chicago Assyrian Leaders Meeting with Nineveh Governor


1- Assyrians for Justice’s 2010 Motto: “Clenched Fist Against Division”

2- Video from Chicago Meeting between Assyrian Leaders (ADM, ANCI, AANF, AAS) and Mr. Atheel al- Nijaifi, Governor of Nineveh, Iraq


01/03/2010 KRG-UK Manipulative Report on Assyrians and AFJ Man & Woman of the Year Votes


3- Discussion and Investigation of the KRG-UK Representation’s Report on the “Status of the Christians in the Kurdistan Region in Iraq” (Download the Report Here)

4- Nominations and Votes for the Assyrians For Justice 2009 Man and Woman of the Year (Winners: Ashur Betsargis & Sharosina Chamaki!  Congratulations!)

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