3/28/2010 AFJ TV Show & Special Program ACOE Patriarch Mar Dinkha IV

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3/28/2010 Assyrian New Year 6760, Iraqi 2010 Elections, US 2010 Census


1- Assyrian New Year 6760 Blessings

2- 2010 Iraqi Election Results & Analysis – Congratulations to Assyrian Democratic Movement Slate 389 for winning the most seats for Assyrian Representation!

3- Mark “ASSYRIAN” for US 2010 Census!


3/28/2010 AFJ Historical Meeting with H.H. Mar Dinkha IV


1- AFJ Historical and Reconciliatory Meeting with HH. Mar Dinkha IV of the Assyrian Church of the East in Chicago, IL

2- H.H. Mar Dinkha IV on the Iraqi Elections and the Assyrian Political Parties.

3/14/2010 AFJ TV Show

3/14/2010 Mar Addai’s Mother Condolences & Iraqi Election Results & US Census


1- Condolences to Mar Addai II over the Passing of His Mother

2- Instructions on how to be counted as ASSYRIAN on the upcoming US Census and disputing those that have been telling Assyrians otherwise (i.e. Church Priest telling Assyrian parishioners to write “Iranian”)

3- Iraqi 2010 Election Results from Callers including detailed account of Chicago’s Controversial Election Center by Rabi Younadam Youkhana

4- Part 1 of San Diego Chaldean Church Manifesto


3/14/2010 San Diego Chaldean Church Manifesto Part 2


5- Part 2 of San Diego Chaldean Church Manifesto