7/11/2010 AFJ TV Show

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7/11/2010 AFJ Report on Assyrian Lands Annexation, Exposing Saddam Assyrian Spies


1- AFJ Special Report on the Annexation of Assyrian Lands in Bet-Nahrain, North Iraq.

2- Part 1: Exposing Saddam Hussein’s Intelligence Agency, specifically the Department on Assyrian Affairs.  Exposing Assyrians that cooperated and aided Saddam’s Intelligence Agency’ espionage and defamation on the Assyrian Nation.


7/11/2010 Cont. Exposing Saddam’s Assyrian Spy Network


3- Part 2: Exposing Saddam Hussein’s Intelligence Agency’s Department of Assyrian Affairs and those Assyrian that cooperated with this Espionage against their Nation.