AFJ: Background & Mission Statement


Assyrians For Justice (AFJ) was founded by Mr. Sam Darmo. He started as an Assyrian activist for many years and later decided to start his own television program when it was time to raise global awareness. The AFJ name appeared when Saddam Hussein was arrested and even when he was executed.

One of AFJ’s first tasks was compiling incriminating evidence of Saddam Hussein’s torture and persecution of the Iraqi Assyrian minority. AFJ tried tirelessly, through the offices of the US Justice Department, to add these documented crimes against humanity to the many other charges already brought against Hussein in the Iraqi courts. In particular, AFJ provided documents of Saddam’s crimes that were committed against the Assyrians in three regions: Nahla, Balla, and Supna. Other charges that were also brought to the attention of the US Justice System included the assassination conspiracy of the late martyr Mar Eshai Shimun XXIII, Patriarch of the Church of the East, and the ordered execution and subsequent hanging of the Assyrian political leadership. Although the documents and evidence, that AFJ provided, were sufficient and authentic for the filing of these charges against Saddam Hussein, the US Justice Department failed to convince the Iraqi Judicial System to incorporate them in the trial.

Our previous generation was neglected in their pursuit for the truth. The Assyrian History has been continuously revised and re-written by non-Assyrians, especially by certain foreign powers that have been adversaries and catalysts to the Assyrian plight. Assyrians For Justice has been sparked to provide the truth and realities about our history and more importantly our struggle, in particular to the periods in the 19th and 20th centuries. It is the right of every Assyrian, whether born in the Diaspora or in our ancestral lands, to know the aim of any Assyrian organization including both religious and political entities. Our Assyrian identity has been ransacked, abused, and manipulated far too long by foreign powers for it to be dealt the same fatal blows by fellow brothers and sisters within our Nation. Is our sacred and priceless identity being used for the salvation of our brothers and sisters in the Middle East or is it being used for personal gains…?

The truth must come out and that is what Assyrians For Justice is here to amplify. Our team exposes the truth using a variety of venues and visual aids. Our authentic and official documentation includes, but is not limited to video, audio, images, and written correspondences. Our mission is not to judge anyone, but to, simply and honorably, show proof of those infringing on our identity and our sustainable future in order to raise awareness. To discern those who are working honestly and with great loyalty for this “Umta” from those who are hiding underneath friendly banners, but secretly working against it.

Our mission is not only to expose and amplify the truth on television, but we are also in the process of establishing an Assyrian Judicial System. The officials will be prominent and established Assyrians from all over the world. They will overlook and oversee Assyrian organizations and peacefully investigate those who are using our identity for personal and deceitful gains.

This judicial system, unlike those established in secular states, will not sentence people, but it will conduct a thorough investigation on all Assyrian organizations and political parties. Once an investigation is completed, they will author and compile a report of their documented findings that will be publicized to the Assyrian people. This report will state the motives of particular organizations and/or political parties all based on truth, facts, and authentic documentation.

Just like any other nation in seek of enlightenment and a sustainable future; Assyrians are in need of the truth and the pursuit of justice. This is why Assyrians For Justice will transcend from a television program to a globally reputable organization. We hope that the new generation carries and protects this torch in order to protect the Assyrians from future injustice and defamation that was unfortunately, but never forgotten, inflicted upon our ancestors.

Stay tuned…

Assyrians For Justice

PHOENIX, AZ 85053-3001

United States


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